Cat Grooming in Milton Keynes, Buckingham, Towcester and surrounding villages – provided by qualified and professional cat groomer in your own home.

image of cat grooming moulting comb

Groom Out

From a de-shed and brush through, to a panel (tummy) and / or hygiene trim – and a lovely dry bath to finish if required.

image of cat grooming Milton Keynes shampoo


Whether a hairless sphynx needing body grease removal, or a long-haired puss for help with a de-shed, give a bath a try!

image of cat grooming  trimmer

Body Clipping

For the removal of tight mats which are too close to the skin for a safe brush through. Much more comfortable and safe for puss.

image of cat groomer claw trimmers

Nail Trim

To keep the nails at a short and safe length, particularly for indoor cats who can’t sharpen them in the outdoor world.

 Services | Price List


from £80 – £150

Claw Clip


Grooming (dry)

from £60

Grooming (with bath)

from £80

Extremely matted

from £100


The prices above are guidance only – costs vary due to many factors, such as the condition of the cat’s coat, clipping requirements, the cat’s temperament and whether the cat has fleas or not.  At the beginning of the appointment, you will be provided with a quote based on examination of the cat and your own personal requirements. As a mobile service, cat grooming is offered in Milton Keynes, Buckingham, Towcester and the surrounding villages. For all other areas, it may be possible to accommodate the booking, but additional costs will apply to cover travel expenses.  

Below are some factors (but not limited to) which can affect the cost per groom:


Although cats with fleas are welcome, due to the additional time required post-apppointment (to avoid the spread of fleas to other clients) an additional £5 will be applied if live fleas are found on your cat during the groom.

Excessive matting

Excessive matting requires more time to carefully and humanely remove . The time required, and subsequent cost, will be determined during the consultation at the start of the groom and provided to you.   

Temperamental Cats

Cats that present challenging behaviour or that are very aggressive will require a more bespoke grooming session and therefore may incur costs to cover the time taken, and the risk to the groomer. 


How long will it take to groom my cat?

This will depend on many factors, including but not limited to: your cat’s behaviour, how much your cat has been handled and socialised with humans, any health issues or concerns  how matted / dirty the coat may be – but don’t worry, the correct amount of time will be allocated for your cat’s appointment so that they receive the best possible service. 

Will I need to hold my cat whilst you’re grooming?

Not necessarily – it depends on how comfortable your cat is with being handled, and how they handle the process. If the cat is happy, then there’s no reason for you to have to stay in the room at all. Sometimes cats can be better behaved without their favourite human there! However, if the cat is very wriggly, a helping hand from the owner is always welcomed!

What if my cat is aggressive or is not used to being handled?

Please always be honest when booking your cat in for a grooming session – it’s much better for both the groomer and the cat to know before hand, especially if puss is prone to biting and scratching. Although PPE can be worn so as to keep the groomer safe, if the cat is too aggressive the session may not be able to go ahead for both the groomer’s and cat’s safety. If this is the case, it’s worth speaking with your cat’s vet as they may be able to prescribe medication for your cat to take prior to the session which will help them keep calm. This is much better than the coat condition worsening and the cat then needed to be sedated in a veterinary surgery to have their coat sorted. 

My cat’s coat is very knotted and matted. Will you be able to comb the knots out?

This really does depend on the severity of the knotting / mats within your cats coat.  Some knots can be teased out, but others can be too close to the cat’s skin to make this possible – the cat’s welfare must always be the top priority and the skin under large knots is generally very sore. Removing by hand with a comb can be just too uncomfortable and so this may mean the safest and kindest way to remove the knots / mats is by clipping. This is much quicker and less painful for the cat and doesn’t mean it has to be an all-over trim – it’ll always be the absolute minimum that’s needed. Regular grooming by the owner can help to stop mats from forming.

Can my cat eat before the grooming session?

It’s advisable to try and not feed puss for 2 hours before they’re groomed, just in case they become a little anxious and have an upset tummy. 

Is the cat groomer qualified?

The cat groomer is qualified and holds the iPet Level 3 Certificate in Cat Grooming, and qualifications in feline first aid, and feline behaviour. The groomer is always updating their knowledge and skills

Is cat grooming necessary? Don’t they self-groom?

Most cats do self-groom, as best as they can. But, depending on the cat’s health, and the coat condition, this may not always be enough. Self-grooming uses the cat’s saliva to coat the fur – this can cause furballs / hairballs which can be uncomfortable for the cat. Self-grooming also doesn’t always keep mats away. Grooming by a professional can help reduce moulting and matting of the coat, and keep areas such as the cat’s bottom clean and healthy. It can also help to keep your furniture and clothes  a little less ‘cat’! Plus, who doesn’t like a pamper?

How often will my cat need to be groomed?

For cat grooming, this depends on many factors including your cat’s coat type, their health, their age and their breed. Generally, a short-haired cat requires less grooming than a long-haired breed.  However, if the short-haired cat has health problems which means it is unable to clean itself, they may need a little help more often.  A good website to check out suggested grooming requirements per breed is Purina, which gives an idea of the minimum cat  grooming requirements. The cat groomer will recommend a grooming schedule for you at the appointment.